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The greatest computer in the universe is between our ears. Learn how to use it more efficiently and we have the ultimate free gift-for life.

Everyone, regardless of age, sex or culture can benefit from using Accelerated Learning techniques.

Accelerated Learning shows you how to:


Reduce training time and costs while increasing productivity.


Make your training function a profit center in your company.


Learn anything more easily.


Enhance your thinking skills.


Cope with change and make technology work for you.


Learn a foreign language five times faster than using conventional methods.


Increase your child's IQ by up to forty points, starting at birth.

Accelerated Learning Systems is the result of research carried out in over eighty universities around the world. The benefits are so clear that countries such as Great Britain are considering adopting it as a standard policy for their state educational system.

You, your family and your business 
can benefit from Accelerated Learning today 
and we can show you how.

Programs include: 
Accelerated Learning First FUNdamentals:  brain development program for babies, birth through 18 months.
Accelerated Learning FUNdamentals: brain development program for children 18 months to 6 years.
Accelerated Learning FIRE-UP Your Learning: Grade improvement program and study skills for 12 years up.
Accelerated Learning Languages: Spanish, German, Italian or French
Recommended reading:  Accelerated Learning by Colin Rose
Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century
by Colin Rose and Malcolm Nicholl
The Learning Revolution
by Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos

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For YOU and 

Reduce training time 
and costs while increasing productivity with 
Accelerated Learning.

Train your trainers in Accelerated Learning methodology

Accelerated Learning Training Course Design and Conversion

Language Learning for your company

Consultant's Consortium


The Spanish Home-Study Course is now available on Tape or CD


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